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I agree about the Bible being taught out of context by most at the pulpit. However , some hearts of the teachers are for sure in the right place and for the congregation. Jesus for instance is misunderstood by you , me all the time. He said his response “so they” he didn’t say “so you” may hear but not understand. He was addressing the hard hearted world worshipping people in the crowd and beyond. He also addressed his followers in the same parable. Saying – listen , learn so you can teach. If you believe we all came from somewhere else other than an intended design by a Creator. I mean all of us -primates, nature, deep sea , the universe, the exact tilt of this planet, the moon hung in the sky for a night light. One thing God or Jesus never did was make one of us bow down. We get the freedom to make the most important choice we ever decide on in life. Not career, new car, marriage, new home or ponder to change by body and name to fit MY liking is as crucial as our belief in our true origin. I have been blessed to ‘hear’ and to find and search out good teachers and I don’t go to church on any kind of regular basis. Radio, TV, internet, its crazy how many channels I will flip away from because the preacher is stuck on himself-his church-his books- or his need to talk more about other churches .
By filtering though its does come through. He said it would. It does. Its more fascinating than science. Blessings.